B2B Binge 3.0 USA Recap

Watch the Recordings from B2B Binge 3.0 USA

Andy Paul Is the host of a much celebrated and very informative podcast called the Sales Enablement Podcast. He is the Head of Revenue Performance Evangelism at ringDNA. Andy shares from his decades of experience in high-performance sales, what kind of mindset helps in significant sales.

Art Sobczak is the household name of every high performing salesperson. He is a sales leader, a keynote speaker, mentor, and an award-winning author to multiple books on sales to his repute. Art is sharing with us a sales script template that can be created by just filling in the blanks so that the prospecting becomes easy and you close deals faster.

Bob is the founder of Inflexion-point Strategy Partners. He is a keynote speaker, mentor, and one of the most critical influencers in sales. Bob sheds light on how B2B sales have evolved over the years. He also shares from his decades of experience of mentoring and working in sales how a salesperson can upgrade them to cater to the evolved b2b sales customer.

Bryan Elsesser is the senior director of sales development at Aircall. He is known for his immense knowledge of sales and infectious positive energy during interactions. He shares here how he built the outbound engine of Aircall. 

Darryl is the Chief Revenue Officer at the Vanillasoft. He is the Top 19 B2B marketers to follow globally and also the top 10 most sought after SaaS Branding expert for the year 2020. He shares his immense experience as CMO in understanding the customer and how did he sell them the product.

Gurupandian leads product and growth at Ampliz. He comes with over a decade of experience working in the data industry, and leading global product and marketing teams focused on growth and revenue.  He shares his nuggets of knowledge and expertise on how sales and marketing teams can benefit from having a great b2b data partner.

Marissa is the founder of a much-acclaimed consulting firm called the Marissa Pick Consulting. She is the Digital Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, mentor, and one of the foremost authorities in influencer marketing. Marissa sheds light on how to create opportunity out of a crisis and build a great influencer marketing for B2B.

Nathan Latka a household name for anyone in B2B SaaS and Startups. He is one of the biggest influencers, celebrated authors, most recognized podcasters, and the proud owner of the Latka Agency. He talks about various B2B Saas models and how to choose a SaaS model that works for you.

Sarah is the founder of Tribal Impact and author to the award-winning book “The Social CEO.” She is a keynote speaker, mentor, and authority in devising an inbound approach for businesses. She also shares the key ingredients of a great inbound strategy and the key metrics that help an organization understand if the inbound is working for them.