B2B Binge 4.0 US Edition Recap

Watch the Recordings from B2B Binge 4.0 US Edition

Sangram Vajre is the Co-founder at Terminus, 2x Author, Host of #FlipMyFunnel Podcast, and Speaker and loves doing #LinkedInLive. He is the foremost authority in Account-based marketing or ABM.

he sheds light on the three biggest mistakes the companies adopting ABM Strategy make.

Kate has more than 15 years of tech experience building strong businesses within different stages and industries. She believes deeply in bringing businesses to life in prospects and customers’ hearts and minds by creating compelling and consistent messaging throughout the customer life cycle. 

Camila Kaul is a passionate thought leader focused on digital consulting through insights and storytelling to create breakthrough, innovative digital strategies for companies. She is the head of Strategy and Sales Development for Google. She is also the founder of Just as Squiggle.

Andrea Waltz is the Co-Author of the bestselling book, “Go for No!” an eminent Speaker and a Virtual Trainer. She is the founder of Courage crafters Inc.

At the B2B Binge event, she explains why ‘no’ is an opportunity made than an opportunity lost. What do you think about failure? How can you change the outlook about the loss?

JD GERSHBEIN has supported professionals and companies seeking a greater understanding of how LinkedIn works and how they can harness the site’s full potential. He is a pioneer LinkedIn strategist, a widely-acknowledged thought leader, and a dedicated educator who acts as a facilitator of learning and brings the importance of personal branding to bear, especially in COVID-19 times. 

Gurupandian leads product and growth at Ampliz. He comes with over a decade of experience working in the data industry, and leading global product and marketing teams focused on growth and revenue.  He shares his nuggets of knowledge and expertise on how sales and marketing teams can benefit from having a great b2b data partner.

Tibor Shanto is a Pre-Discovery Specialist driving conversion & pipeline creation via improved execution. He helps B2B companies translate sales strategy to reality and was often called a brilliant sales tactician, obsessed with implementation.

Leslie is the Vice President, Global Campaigns, and Field Marketing at Twilio Inc.  She has in-depth experience in Program Management/Management and proven success in planning and implementing worldwide channel partner programs and high-impact sales training programs to support strategic business initiatives. Leslie is also a great speaker, mentor, and trainer.

Harris is the founder of Harris Consulting Group. He is one of the top leaders in Inside sales. He is a keynote speaker and trainer. Harris trains salespeople on Full-Funnel Sales and provides Operational Guidance. He teaches from SDRs with no sales experience to AE’s with years of experience under their hood and the Customer Success Reps on how to upsell and cross-sell.