Watch the Recordings from B2B Binge 2.0

The second edition of B2B Binge with Ampliz had 9 speakers for the 3 segments (Growth, Sales and Marketing). With more than 600 attendees from 35+ countries, it was a blast! Click the thumbnails below to watch the recordings or quickly skim through the transcripts.

Kim Orlesky is the working President at KO Advantage Group. She has a lot of feathers in her cap including being one of LinkedIn’s Top Sales Leader and writing the book “Sell More. Faster.” She shares her 6-slide proposal template to sell more, faster, and efficiently.

Eric is a growth marketer responsible for driving user acquisition for HubSpot Academy. He’s passionate about building and scaling marketing programs for technologies that can change the world and make a difference in people’s lives. Here’s Eric’s take on inbound marketing in a product-led growth world!

Alice Heiman is an authority, speaker, and mentor in sales. She is a sales strategist and enthusiast. Alice has won many awards for her thought-provoking blogs and books authored. Alice reveals her strategies to make complex B2B sales simple.

Prakhar Jain is the Director of Global Sales at Whatfix. Prakhar has elaborate experience in building sales teams and scaling revenue. In this 2nd edition of B2B Binge, he shared his learning from building a kick-ass sales team at Whatfix.

Lori Richardson is the Sales Growth Strategist at Score More Sales. She is a virtual trainer and coach and helps sales organizations hire and evaluate sales reps. In the 2nd edition of B2B Binge, Lori talks about the importance of being a compulsive seller in today’s world.

obsessed guy who has 12+ years of global experience in business/product strategy, entrepreneurship, sales & business development. How can a B2B data partner help your sales & marketing? Here it from Guru.

Padmini Janaki is the founder and podcaster at the Broadcast, and she is a product and growth marketing enthusiast. She is a mentor and supporter of a passion-driven economy or the passion economy.

Lukas Mehnert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Smartlook. He overlooks the entire marketing efforts straight from optimizing Ad campaigns to strategy to implementing new growth tactics. In his session at B2B Binge 2.0, Lukas shares some of his strategies on marketing for a SaaS product.

Kotryna kurt is the CEO & Co-founder at Linkedist, a LinkedIn Advertising & Personal Branding agency. Kotryna specializes in content creation and personal branding and has helped a lot of companies with the same. Her B2B Binge 2.0 session was all about the Dos and Don’ts of personal branding on LinkedIn.

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