B2B Binge 3.0 APAC Recap

Watch the Recordings from B2B Binge 3.0 APAC

Davinia Khong is a B2B marketing leader, a keynote speaker, and is the senior marketing leader for the APAC region at Backbase. Davinia drives lead generation and branding efforts for Backbase. Here she describes the challenges in the first six months of a marketing leader and makes an impact.

Jonathan is the CEO of Growth-Hackers.net. He is a social media influencer, thought leader, and author to various thought-provoking articles for the growth of startups and businesses. In his session, he shares his knowledge on how different channels of communication can intertwine with each other and work cohesively to form marketing ecosystem.

Sue Barrett, the founder of Barrett Consulting Group, is a well-known name in the sales circle for creating sustainable sales systems. She is an educator and a leading strategist. In this session, he sheds some light on the selling systems that create lasting success. 

Gunnar is the Senior Partner and Alliance Manager for APAC with Hootsuite. He has more than two decades of experience in working with Channel Partners and forging partnerships. In his B2B Binge 3 session, he shares are critical constituents of a great channel partner and how one can use it for social selling.

Iris Chan is the Marketing Director at Seismic for the Asia Pacific (APAC) & Japan. She has a vast experience in building, leading, and nurturing global marketing teams. She shares from her valuable experience what are the key ingredients to bring a marketing team together, how these marketing teams enable growth spurt in B2B organizations in specific. 

Gurupandian leads product and growth at Ampliz. He comes with over a decade of experience working in the data industry, and leading global product and marketing teams focused on growth and revenue.  He shares his nuggets of knowledge and expertise on how sales and marketing teams can benefit from having a great b2b data partner.

Kiran is a Stanford graduate and currently holds the position of Director Sales Enablement for the APAC region at Salesforce. He comes with a diverse set of sales experiences acquired in the career span of close to two decades.

Ljubica is the marketing director of the APAC region at Hexagon PPM. She is a strategic marketing leader with a focus on increasing revenue generation, creating customer journey, building brand, and great go-to-market strategies. Here she sheds light on one of the most discussed topics of the late and one of the teething issues businesses are facing.

Vinaya Prakhala is the Founder & President of Sales Enablement Society, India Chapter. He is also the VP of Deskerra, which is a suite of various business enablement solutions. He comes with over two decades of experience in sales across the globe. He is a great speaker and mentor. Here, he shares a glimpse of what got him going in his 25 years of a long career.